About Us


BaiTov is a topnotch property management company. We're young, bold and innovative. That guarantees our customers will always get the best service and the best results. But that's not all. Being a Hibel-Dahan company means we have the finest backing on the Israeli real estate market. That assures our customers will receive, at all times, the greatest solutions they need for their various needs.

Who We Are
David Davidi is the driving force behind Baitov. His tremendous passion and extraordinary professional experience is key to the edge Baitov brings to the Israeli property management market. David is certified engineer and this shows in his efficient and detailed oriented managerial style. His long list of satisfied clients and the constantly growing customer base of Baitov are the best evidence to his abilities.
Moshe Hibel
Founder (Hibel Dahan)
Moshe Hibel is an accomplished and seasoned lawyer with unusual experience in the real estate world. For almost two decades he has been helping his clients get what they want. In addition to being a lawyer, Mr. Hibel is a savvy businessman who’s involved with numerous international enterprises where his business, corporate and commercial expertise come handy.
Gal Dahan
Founder (Hibel Dahan)
Gal Dahan is a multinational licensed lawyer and notary in Israel, France and England. He runs Hibel Dahan office in Paris, where his two decades of experience serve his clients well. Gal’s knowledge and proven abilities in the real estate, corporate and the private sector are crucial to the firm’s success and play a big part in it’s broad client base.